Welcome to Project Cambodia! 

Welcome to our humanitarian project and charity movement. We’re an energetic organisation, enthusiastic about doing what we can to improve the lives of underprivileged people and promote sustainable projects throughout ‘The Kingdom of Wonder’.

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”
– Anne Frank, diary of Anne Frank: the play 

We’ve created short and long term goals with the unified aim to provide opportunities and promote sustainability for our Khmer family.

Our Mission | What We Do

We at Project Cambodia have begun to provide support to communities throughout Cambodia by working with a number of sustainable and credible organisations and even launching our very own volunteer program: Raw Cambodia.

We know and understand first hand just how genuine volunteer initiatives can expose individuals to real experiences and provide unique memories which can create life-long positive impacts.

“The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others”

-Mahatma Gandhi 

We’ve utilised humanity and curiosity within passionate individuals to create movement in Cambodia. We believe the desire to help others is a quality necessary to making the most genuine, and an biggest impact.

Already, we’ve used these very fundamentals to complete a durable home in Kompheim Village outside Siem Reap, teach English to Monks at KES, build an elephant Dam at the Elephant Valley Project in Mondulkiri  and donate over three tonnes of rice to rural communities in Kratie.

Volunteer | Make and Impact

For only $10 per week, the school will give you accomodation and the facilities to cook your own creations, in exchange for your time to teach English and help around the school. Yes, that’s right $10 US Dollars, per week.


Our Projects | Kratie English School

In 2017, the team completed the rebuild of Kratie English School. It was a huge learning experience for the team, which has given us stronger tools for the future. We’re glad Mr Rith now has the facilities to pass onto his students. We wish him well with the future of KES.

Kratie English School is an amazing NGO that offers free education to not only children in rural villages, but also over 60 Monks in the local Pagoda. We’re incredibly excited to watch this school grow over the coming years.

We Love to Chat | Contact Us

We’ve love to hear from you if you have any questions or queries and even if you have some suggestions or potential projects we can follow up! Maybe you even want to share you stories with us. Get in touch!

Our Programs | Raw Cambodia

Have you been looking to get involved in a unique and insightful humanitarian experience?

Are you passionate to helping others?

Do you want to challenge yourself by stepping outside your comfort zone?

Join Project Cambodia in our upcoming humanitarian programs!

Spend 14-16 days exploring the Kingdom of Wonder with a group of likeminded individuals!

You will participate in humanitarian activities aimed at inspiring oneself whilst improving the lives of others

Sounds right for you? Check out our Programs Page for more information.

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