Happy Valentines Day

We commemorated two weeks in Cambodia with an early start back in Komphein Village where we returned to finish Project Cambodia’s first ever home build with Husk Cambodia.

February 14th, 2017 marked a very special day for Project Cambodia. It was this day we were able to complete and hand over this special gift to a very grateful elderly couple. We were also informed, that thanks to the hard work of Husk, this would in fact be the final home build in Komphein Village.

This will forever impact each of our lives, knowing we’ve given a family the stability of a roof and four walls. The smiles of this beautiful couple will never leave us, and their appreciation and happiness was all we could ever need.

We’d like to especially thank our tireless volunteers for not only funding this particular endeavour, but for also putting in their heart and souls for the benefit of others. We will be forever thankful for their efforts.

It was an unbelievable way to celebrate a day of love and humanity. Happy Valentines Day!