My Life is Changed

After six trips to Cambodia, I didn’t think this country could further alter my life. However, little did I know that physically sharing my love for the Kingdom of Wonder with fourteen others would just enrich its beauty.

One of the best lessons I learnt from this trip was “beauty must be shared to be seen as beautiful”. I never knew these nine words would become so morally important throughout our time in Cambodia, and even within my own means.

I left home with nothing but fear and nerves and I return with strength, purpose, reason and the best of memories. I can’t wait to lead more people, while most importantly doing more for people that have changed the course of my life, for the better.

Blood, sweat and tears went into this trip, and it produced nothing but love, laughter and light. Words fail me when trying to describe this very experience; it was beyond our wildest dreams.

My biggest thanks goes out to our volunteers, for their contribution and strength. These individuals brought so much authenticity and perspective that just added to the adventure. I also send my deepest gratitude to my wonderful family and friends for their unconditional love and guidance. Finally, to those who continued to share and support us, and make Project Cambodia a reality.

I look forward to sharing more of our work in the not too distant future – stay tuned!