Where it All Began | Our Story

In 2013, our founder; Leon Pope travelled to Cambodia as part of Maroochydore State High School’s annual humanitarian project. Each year, senior students travel to Cambodia to participate in charitable activities whilst also gaining unforgettable memories and attaining lessons only real life experiences can teach.

Our Founder Leon, September 2013

After graduating High School in November 2013, Leon began desperately saving, where in the two years to follow, he would return four more times… and the rest is history.

Finally, on August 10, 2015; Leon withdrew from his university studies to pursue a dream of empowering and helping more people throughout the Kingdom of Wonder. Thus began Project Cambodia!

Aiding English Teachers, HUSK Village School Siem Reap

After a few years of establishing our identity, we have grown into a passionate team where we work alongside a number of sustainable and genuine organisations to benefit those both at home, and those living in Cambodia.

On February 1st 2017, Leon with the help of Ebony Baker led Project Cambodia’s first team of volunteers on a 17 day tour of Cambodia to achieve three goals; discover, experience and improve. During this time, our team united to teach English to Monks at the Kratie English School, build an elephant bath with the Elephant Valley Project and successfully complete a home with HUSK Cambodia.

Our Amazing Team Building an Elephant Bath, February 2017

In February 2018, the team returned to undertake a massive endeavour, an entire school build. After previously working with Kratie English School, we saw great potential and dedicated our resources to supporting 140 local children’s English education. The result is simply incredible.

Kratie English School, proudly sponsored by Project Cambodia

Where our initial plan was to donate the facility and move onto the next project, Kratie English School has become a permanent extension on Project Cambodia, as we’ve become the offical partner and sponsor. We will continue to work closely with the Kratie English School, where we have many plans to work internally to ensure the best possible education.

Almost three years on, we really have established our confidence, where we can’t wait to do more and see more in Cambodia. We are truly blessed to be involved in such an uplifting movement #projectcambodia

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