Our Projects | Raw Cambodia

In March 2018, we begin looking for more volunteers to join us on our next ‘Raw Cambodia’ volunteer project in February 2019! If you’re interested then please check out our ‘Volunteer page for more information.

Our Projects | Project Kratie

In March 2018, the team completed building the brand new Kratie English School. In addition to this, Project Cambodia became official partners of the school itself.

Where change may take some time, we’ve began working on curriculum and other improvements, so we can make the school the best it can be.

With aims to diversify our organisation, we’re extremely happy with this result, as we can now offer year round volunteering positions to those looking to teach English for 2+ weeks!

Our Projects | Project Rice Run

On a day where it seemed the painting would never end, we took a break and headed to the local village. We arrived with 625kg of locally bought rice, which was donated across 20 families. The families had an average of 10 people per household.

Where this isn’t a long term solution for helping the villages, this relieves these families of a necessary cost which can now be invested into the household for health, home improvements or any other future costs.

It was a truly stunning experience that gave us an insight into the local life, where we could inspect ways to help in the future. The beauty of Cambodia seems to be walking away feeling as though you’ve been given more than you gave. Simply beautiful experience.