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Sponsor a Child | $5 per month!

Dolphin School of English have a great way with creative solutions, and that doesn’t stop with their Child Sponsorship Program (CSP). For a grand total of $5USD per month, you can support a child – no strings attached.

DSE have spent time assessing each child as to their needs, as every situation can be different. Mr Yuth’s organisation initially approaches the Level 1 Poverty scale, to ensure those that desperately need help, receive it first.

When you decide to Sponsor a child with DSE, you know that 100% of your donation reaches the children. Your $5 will amazingly provide breakfast on two school days to your sponsored child, and ensure they have the resources they need to succeed.

Sponsoring a child with DSE also keeps you up to date with your child’s life. DSE have committed to providing donors with half yearly reports, so you can be assured the child you’ve sponsored, is in fact doing well.

Contact DSE at to begin sponsoring a child today! 

Sponsor a Child | About DSE

Founder, Mr Yuth has already completed incredible work with his school. With the volunteer initiative well underway; up to 110 students will take part in his free english program, operated out of his village home.

With absolutely no aim at financial gain, Mr Yuth works hard to ensure his family, students and volunteers are well cared for during their time at DSE. The facilities he has built, and the experience that has been created is all at the credit of Yuth himself.

In 2018, Mr Yuth and his team launched a Child Sponsorship Program, to ensure his students get the best start to their days, and their young lives.

As of April 2019, Mr Yuth is prioritising children on the Level 1 poverty scale to ensure they receive  a substantial breakfast to start their day, thanks to the child sponsorship program.

Already twenty children are reaping the benefits of this great initiative, and together we plan to grow these numbers.

‘The Children of are the future of Cambodia’

Collectively, Dolphin School of English and Project Cambodia strongly believe the children are the future of this country, and we’re starting here in Kratie by supporting Mr Yuth’s project, where we believe this project can give his students the opportunity at the education they need to thrive in the growing future of Cambodia.

Contact DSE at to begin sponsoring a child today! 

Sponsor a Child | Why Cambodia?

Many people know of Cambodia’s tragic past, where the Kingdom faced one of the worst genocides in modern history. From 1975 until 1979 Cambodia was under the reign of infamous dictator’ Pol Pot, who killed over a third of the population. 

Many people don’t realise that after four decades, this country is still recovering and trying to rebuild from their dark past.

Cambodia is beginning to flourish once again thanks to the work of both its own people, and many organisations and volunteers dedicated to creating change. However, there is still plenty of work ahead.

In supporting a child, you’re not only investing in the basic needs of a child, you’re contributing the future of Cambodia.

Mr Yuth and his school project are fine examples of local initiatives working hard to rebuild this future for Cambodia’s children. It’s this very determination which inspire Project Cambodia to wholeheartedly support DSE with their endeavour to sponsor and educate their children.

Cambodia has a bright future ahead. We’re asking for people to unite with Dolphin School of English and Project Cambodia to support Cambodia’s youth.

Contact DSE at to begin sponsoring a child today! 


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