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Volunteer | Make and Impact

For only $10 per week, the school will give you accomodation and the facilities to cook your own creations, in exchange for your time to teach English and help around the school. Yes, that’s right $10 US Dollars, per week.

There is a catch…We’re looking for people whose first priority are the children at Dolphin School of English (DSE). You must be committed, dedicated and compassionate to contribute to the work of Mr Yuth. You’ll have all the resources you’ll need, as well as a curriculum to follow, and plenty of peer support. Mr Yuth just needs your best intentions and at least one month of your time, he’d love for you to stay even longer!

Are you committed, dedicated and compassionate? Yes? Well, you are already through to step two!

Read through the following information, which gives you more information on where we are, what we do and we answer FAQ’s.

APPLY HERE: Email us at with your desired dates, and we’ll send you an application!

Volunteer | What to Expect

Mr Yuth’s school has up to 110 students some days, who come to classes from Monday – Friday, who are taught physically at the school between 5:10-6:10pm. Teachers also run other nearby classes in and around the area, accessible by bicycle. During your free time you will need to prepare your class. Preparation has been made easy, as you’re provided with a curriculum to follow.  

Your overall daily teaching & preparation time is three hours per day, from Monday – Friday. There are also various projects you can contribute to around the school throughout the non teaching parts of the day.

Included in your $10, you have access to the volunteer kitchen to cook your meals. Vegetables can be bought nearby and western favourites can be found in town.

In mid April, DSE will begin serving breakfast to the students, which is an awesome opportunity to get involved in assisting with food preparation, and a great way to understand Cambodian food.

During quiet times, you can be kept busy with maintenance around the school. Bring your experiences and expertise with you; ideas are greatly appreciated!

Volunteering with DSE gives you the opportunity to be very self-motivated and creative with how you work with the children. When you move on from the school, you can leave with perspectives, self-empowerment, endless memories and a great understanding of this corner of the world.

Volunteer | What you need

When your application is successful and dates are confirmed, it’s time to book your flights. We recommend flying into Phnom Penh International Airport where your journey will be shortest, unless you’re coming from Laos or Vietnam. In arrivals you will need to obtain a $35USD Ordinary Visa; which is extendable. Make sure you already have two passport sized photo’s ready to give immigration. 

Longterm Volunteer June Lending a Hand, DSE

DSE recommend you stay the night in your arrival city to sleep off your travels. Minivans from Phnom Penh leave from 6am, and Siem Reap at 7am. When you arrive in Kratie, you can either instruct your minivan to drop you off at ‘Dolphin School’ or just ask a Tuk Tuk if you get into town – every one knows where to go. When you arrive, longterm volunteer June will catch you up on all that great work you’ll be doing!

Volunteer | Where’s Kratie

Kratie is a French Colonial township located 260kms north of Phnom Penh. The school itself is located 2km away in a village named Orussey. It’s an easy Tuk Tuk or bicycle ride away from the main town. There are bicycles at the school for you to use for getting to class and exploring this unique area.

Orussey is a very local village, where many families from different backgrounds reside. Where there are families, there are children.  DSE have plenty of them to keep you busy! Although the school is situated locally, it’s not far away from coffee!

Volunteer | Your Weekends

Go to another city for a night, discover the Mekong trail, kayak with South East Asian Irrawaddy dolphins or visit the local hangouts; there is plenty to do in and around of Kratie. The little town of Kratie is a great place to see, and acts as a gateway to more of the Kingdom of Wonder.

Our 2017 Volunteer Relaxing on the Weekend, Kampi Rapids

With plenty of local sights to keep you busy on your weekends, Tokae Restaurant & Guesthouse have got you covered with guided and unguided tours, information, tickets, cold drinks and a discount on your bill.

Does this sound right for you? APPLY NOW! Conact DSE at with your dates and we’ll send an application

Volunteer | About DSE

Mr Yuth founded the school in 2016, after saving his own money to buy this specific plot of land for 20 years!

Here he’s created an incredible, traditionally built volunteer house, equipped with the essentials volunteers need to have a immersed and comfortable experience.

Beneath the school, he’s built four fun and colourful classrooms, fit for plenty of children. Outside the main building there is another wooden building housing another two teaching areas, as well as a community kitchen where volunteers can experiment with Khmer cooking. With Mr Yuth steering this ship, there is a big future for the students, as well as Dolphin School of English itself. 

Volunteer | Fundraise

If volunteering with DSE is on your list, but perhaps out of budget, try fundraising! Or maybe you’d like to help in other ways by helping fund small scale or larger scale projects. Contact the school if you’d like to contribute in other ways!

There have been volunteers in the past which have turned to their local communities to help them financially help in Kratie. There is also plenty of global support working to assist Mr Yuth’s vision. 

Our Colourful Classrooms, DSE

Other volunteers have even created campaigns to help with projects around the school, with donations of up to $2,000 have been thankfully received.

Contact to get advice on where to begin, no matter your circumstances. We can even help share your campaign on our own social media pages.

Project Cambodia & Dolphin School of English

Project Cambodia first made contact with Kratie in 2016, where Leon travelled through to find the best places to make an impact. In 2017, fifteen volunteers returned with Leon to Orussey Village where they would teach recycling workshops. After a successful mini-project, a team of six returned to the village and rebuilt KES in 2018. That was it for us, Kratie is where we’re going to grow our roots.

With the help of a work opportunity, Leon has moved to Kratie where we’re able to be better involved with any projects we wish to conceive, or collaborate.

After living in Kratie for five months, Leon began searching for the next chapter. After looking too far, by accident we found a nearby school. What we found was a place to support, a place with a great future; Dolphin School of English.

We’re pleased to be working for Dolphin School of English, where we can join our networks and let the world know about the great work Mr Yuth has already achieved.



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