Raw Cambodia : An Overview

On February 1st 2017, Project Cambodia began our long awaited ‘Raw Cambodia’ volunteer programs.

Our organisation give passionate and enthusiastic individuals the opportunity to genuinely experience what the real Cambodia has to offer. Across 17 days, successful applicants are given the opportunity to engage in culturally awakening and beneficial activities and projects.

Our Activities Include:


•Funding and building new homes for underprivileged families located in rural Siem Reap village communities.

•Teaching and assisting in a session at a local English School located in Kratie.

•Participating in the Elephant Valley Project’s (EVP) overnight ‘Taste of the Jungle’ volunteer program, located in Mondulkiri.

•Donating stationary and teaching supplies to various organisations throughout Phnom Penh, Kampot, Kratie, Mondulkiri and Siem Reap

Project Cambodia work alongside with a number of incredible organisations throughout Cambodia, including; Beyond Unique Escapes, Mango Tours Cambodia, HUSK Cambodia, Happy Hub Kampot, Elephant Valley Project, Save the Children for Development, Kratie English School and many, many more.

Raw Cambodia : Upcoming Programs

Project Cambodia have a number of projects being developed. After successfully completing our first ‘Raw Cambodia’ humanitarian program in February 2017, we have a number of projects to follow.

  • February 1st, 2017 (Completed)
  • February11th, 2018 (Completed)
  • February 2019 (Releasing Early 2018)

*Dates subject to change due to volunteer availability.

Our Project dates have been specifically chosen, as they work flexibly around university and school holidays. We pride our programs in their ability to work around our volunteers, the dates are subject to change in order to suit our applicants to ensure the best possible trip.

Do these dates not suit you? If you have a group of 5+ people, contact us to find a solution, as we can research the possibility of adding another program just for your group!

*Extra costs may apply

Raw Cambodia : Costs & Inclusions 

Applicants can expect a maximised itinerary throughout Phnom Penh, Kratie, Mondulkiri and Siem Reap. Each day will be filled with activities aimed at either exploring Cambodia’s treasures or experiencing the rich Khmer culture.

It is important to Project Cambodia, that volunteers will be given a genuine insight into the real Cambodia.

Project Cambodia’s ‘Raw Cambodia’ volunteer program is an all-inclusive trip* that will tour Phnom Penh, Kampot, Kratie, Mondulkiri and Siem Reap.

The Costs of the Trip Will Cover:

  • Return Flights (To & From BNE)*
  • Transport*
  • Donations & Funding for Humanitarian Projects
  • Tours
  • Accommodation
  • Meals

Each volunteer will have the responsibility of paying from $1,850.00* to cover all costs (flights, transport, meals, accommodation, etc.).This amount includes an upfront deposit (payable within 5 days of acceptance) of $250.00 which is
non-refundable after 14 days.The cost will also fund humanitarian projects and donations to organisations. No refund can be guaranteed prior to departure as penalties may incur with employed companies.

This trip to Cambodia costs from $1,850.00 excluding flights, and up to $2,850 with flights inclusive. Applicants will not be expected to pay this amount upfront.Applicants will be given due dates across the upcoming months leading to their departure to make payments. Payments will be scheduled up until one month before departure (or otherwise communicated), allowing enough time for applicants to organise appropriate funds.This cut-off is also implemented to give organisers enough time to prepare each detail in time for proposed departure.Any questions regarding payment or dates can be sent to

*Return Flight Costs are optional

*see terms of application lodgement and individual responsibilities for more information

Raw Cambodia : What to Expect

Participants can expect to engage in a number of activities during their time in Cambodia. A culturally diverse, fun-filled, informative and opportunistic itinerary has been devised to maximise our volunteers time in Cambodia.We have constructed our itinerary with the aim of appealing to all age groups.

Our Itinerary includes activities such as:

  • Exploring the historical treasures Angkor Wat, Ta Prom and Bayon temples.
  • Learning the historical depths of the Khmer Rouge by visiting the Choeung Ek Genocidal Center and Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum.
  • Reflecting inwards whilst engaging in projects in which benefit underprivileged people living in the real Cambodia.
  • Funding and building a home for an underprivileged family located in a rural Siem Reap village
  • Teaching and assisting in a session at a local English School located in Kratie.
  • Participating in the Elephant Valley Project’s (EVP) overnight, taste of the Jungle volunteer program located in Mondulkiri.
  • Donating stationary and teaching supplies to various organisations throughout Phnom Penh, Kratie, Mondulkiri and Siem Reap.
  • Learning the culinary secrets of Cambodia’s sensational Amok.
  • Being astonished by the living conditions of those residing in flooded villages along the Tonle Sap.
  • Taking part in Khmer-Buddhist activities such as meditation, blessings and apsara dance.
  • Racing throughout Siem Reap with team mates around the clock.
  • Connecting with local Khmer people whilst learning about the cultural elements of their everyday lives.
  • Understanding exactly why Cambodia has been dubbed ‘The Kingdom of Wonder’

Raw Cambodia: Individual Responsibilities

Each individual will carry responsibility of themselves and their property during their time in Cambodia. Project Cambodia has no legal responsibilities, and will not be held accountable for any loss, damage or unfortunate and unforeseen events that affect any individual participating in this trip. Project Cambodia provide an itinerary, in which should be followed safely, however it is the choice within the individual to safely and responsibly participate.

Cambodia does not represent the overall standards of Australia.  Applicants must acknowledge and understand all risks of travelling prior to departure. Individuals must also be aware of the risks associated with spending time in Cambodia and any other places travelled to during this period. It is necessary that all those participating in this trip will be covered under travel insurance of their choice if anything unexpected is to occur. It is choice of the individual of the extent their insurance covers. A self-disclosure form must be signed to relieve Project Cambodia in the case of any form of unfortunate or unforeseen event.

Those wishing to attend a Project Cambodia program must acknowledge the health risks of travelling overseas. Vaccinations are available for those whom decide to use them. Project Cambodia stresses that it is the decision of the individual to either utilise or ignore these services. Anyone taking part must consult with their GP as Project Cambodia will not make any recommendations or decisions regarding vaccinations.

Individuals will be given free time during their travels to Cambodia, to further explore the places visited. Volunteers wishing to further travel the provinces during this time must fund these travels. During free time, volunteers are able to visit local markets. In which case, any purchases made must also be funded by the individual. In conclusion, any activities not inclusive in the communicated itinerary must be funded by the individual.

Raw Cambodia: Terms of Participation

Below are terms of travelling to Cambodia. Individuals must meet each of these requirements if they wish to be part of any Project Cambodia program.

•Each individual must be at least eighteen on the day of departure.

•Each individual must have all necessary travel documents up to date, including a minimum six months validity remaining on passports.

•Each individual must obtain their own travel insurance prior to departure.

•Each individual must acknowledge that travel insurance is their only resource in the case of damage, loss, theft or unfortunate and unforeseen events to themselves or their property.

•Each individual must accept and understand the risks of travelling to Cambodia

•Each individual must sign a non-disclosure form, relieving Project Cambodia of all legal responsibilities.

•Each individual must pay a deposit of $250.00 within 5 days of acceptance in which is non-refundable after 14 days.

•Each Individual must agree to meet monthly payment dates.

•A full sum of $2,850.00 must be paid across communicated monthly dates.

•Each individual must understand no guarantees can be made in terms of overall refund.

•Each individual must accept that the itinerary is there as a guide and is likely to be changed.

If you’d like a copy of this information booklet, please email us at