House Builds

Mum, Dad and Beautiful Baby Boy.

House Builds | From the Ground Up

After a village visit in early 2019 we came across a beautiful newly married couple with a newborn baby boy. The home they were living in was barely standing, with holes in the floor and roof. We searched around for a solution to fix or replace the house elsewhere however couldn’t find a suitable option.

We decided to do some research, and consulted our local experts. In June 2019 we decided to build our own interpretation on budget housing while taking into consideration quality, changing weather, what is locally available, and most importantly; what the family wanted, and needed.

Before, far from ready for violent monsoon storms.

With a budget of $1000, and a 7 day time frame; we built our first home. It’s a culturally appropriate 4m x 4m square, with a metal roof, cement sheet walls, built on a supported wooden frame. It’s simple, yet is effective in rain, floods and extreme heat.

Even though it looks a little unconventional, it is perfect for providing the shelter the family needed to stay dry and warm in the wet season, and cool in the dry season.

Now we have our prototype¬†we know works well;¬†we’re excited to repeat this again in the future. It is a basic human necessity to have shelter, and we’re excited to provide this for more families struggling, and unable to provide this for themselves.

Koleap Village, June 2019

The finished product.

Our 2020 Return

During our March 2020 Rice Run, a familiar face came along to support the community and show us how much baby has grown. We are happy to report the family are happy and healthy; and the house is holding up well in Cambodia’s ongoing extreme tropical weather.


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