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We always have ongoing projects we initiate, or support! We have an education program of our own ‘Tokae Rooftop School, and we happily support ‘Dolphin School of English (DSE)’.

Send us an email to enquire of other ways you can help, whether you would like to Start A Projector help us in other ways including social media promotion, admin, fundraising, videography, photography or any other way; we would love to hear about it!

Contact us at info.projectcambodia@gmail.com and tell us how you would like to get involved!

Tokae Rooftop School

Tokae Rooftop School is currently in progress! Located in the heart of Kratié, above our very own HQ, we’re beginning a school for our locals!

Stay tuned as we grow this project!

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Dolphin School of English | DSE

Mr Yuth’s school has up to 110 students some days, who come to classes from Monday – Friday, who are taught physically at the school between 5:10-6:10pm. Teachers also run other nearby classes in and around the area, accessible by bicycle. During your free time you will need to prepare your class. Preparation has been made easy, as you’re provided with a curriculum to follow.

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