Rice Runs

Project Rice Run | Since 2018

Rice runs are an extremely important project that we undertake.

We have a number of steps we follow to ensure those struggling are the ones receiving the rice. We have a field officer who assesses a village and works closely with the ‘Sangkat’; community leader to find families who need this most.

We give each family a minimum of 30kg, depending on how many people are in the family. At times this rice can last up to 3 months.

Although this is a very simple project, it gives these people a tiny financial break, where they can put their money to their health, homes, and potentially more nutritious additions to their diets. This is completely up to the families, we simply give them this opportunity.

An Insight

When we undertake a rice run project, it’s not always a one off donation. We have visited some villages up to three times since 2018 depending on the assessment we receive from our field officer.

When we deliver rice to the village, we’re gain a confronting insight into the poverty, lack of hygiene, lack of education and many more alarming issues. Already our rice run village visits have inspired our House Building Project. We’ve also made several visits to Koleap Village, where we are seeing a massive need for an education project.

In 2020/2021 we will attempt to fund an program to support this village, and hopefully educate practical knowledge, and initiate ideas to help both children and adults change their circumstances.

Rice Runs to Date

Below are pictures of our completed rice runs throughout the villages. Already we are proud to have reached 194 families.

June 2019

In June 2019, Maroochy State High School joined us in Kratié to donate 2,040kgs of rice!

March 2019

The Bakers returned to donate a further 1,200kgs in March 2019!

February 2019

A massive thanks to Khay Khan for fundraising to donate 1,990kgs of rice to the village!

February 2018

Thanks to the Bakers we were able to start our first Rice Run off with 625kgs.

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