Start a Project!

Start Your Own Project!

We encourage new ideas, and diversity for Project Cambodia. If there are more ways, and alternatives to look after communities or create more opportunities, then we’d love to help.

Whether you’d like to expand on our  projects, or build your own completely, we’d love to hear about it. We’re always happy to lend a hand, and give out our advice based on our experiences and knowledge of Cambodia.

House Builds

We have developed a design of house that is durable throughout the changing seasons, which fits into a small budget, and is culturally appropriate. If you would like to fundraise or donate a house, or perhaps even propose your own design, please let us know!

We also come across many DIY jobs including patching up roofs, walls, floors and other aspects of home life. These mini-projects start at just $100.

There are many families out there needing a quality roof over their head to keep them warm and dry. Contact us to get your own house project started.

Sponsor a Rice Run

Rice runs are an extremely important project that we undertake.

We have a number of steps we follow to ensure those struggling are the ones receiving the rice. We have a field officer who assesses a village and works closely with the ‘Sangkat’; community leader to find families who need this most.

One kilo of quality rice costs 2500r per kilo, which is approximately 0.60 USD, or 0.85 AUD. If you would like to fund, asses, and distribute a rice run, we’d be happy to set this up for you!

How We Can Help You

If you’d like to begin a new project completely, we’d love to hear you proposal. We’d be happy to utilise our contacts, and find ways to best benefit those who need it most.

We’re happy to create some movement on our social media, and also coach you through how we fundraise and raise awareness for our cause.

If you wish to fund a project from another country, we’re happy to set-up and complete with appropriate documentation and invoices to sure you’re confidence in our transparency and honesty. We do however encourage you to join us on the ground, so you can see the impact you’ve made with your own eyes.

Funding Your Project

There are a number of ways to fundraise your cause, and we’d be happy to show you how. Whether you’d like to raise awareness online, or undertake a hands on approach with fundraisers, we’re happy to reach out to our contacts to make this happen.

We can organise Tax Deductible Receipts to your Australian donors if necessary. However there are terms and conditions we have to legally comply with. This means we will require adequate information to contact the donor and supply them directly with their receipt.


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